Outdoor Recess

Outdoor recess, weather permitting, is held each day for all students.  School assistants, teachers or other appropriate adults supervise all recesses.  Generally speaking, if your child is well enough to come to school, he or she should be prepared to participate in outdoor recess.  Adequate clothing for wet or cold weather is expected. A loss of afternoon recess can occur and the use of a reflective walk may be given at recess in five minute increments.


Playground Expectations

  • Keep a safe distance around the swings. Walk around – not through
  • Only students with adult(s) on the throne swing
  • Keep your bottoms down and feet in on the raft rides
  • We sit on the swings
  • 1 person at a time on the swings
  • 1 person at a time on the slide
  • Children may go down the slide, not up
  • We climb down from the top of the equipment. No jumping
  • No over-the-top on the spider crawl

Indoor Recess

Only games provided by the classroom teachers are allowed for safety’s sake.  Games of a physical nature cannot happen within the classroom during indoor recess.  As a general rule, students will go outside unless it is precipitating, or the temperature feels like it is 25 degrees or below.  When temperatures are this cold, teachers may conduct an abbreviated recess or simply keep them in.