We welcome volunteers at WVES. Parents, college students, and community members have all volunteered and we value the opportunity to work with you. In order to keep our building safe, and make sure that your donated time is effective, we have some guidelines for all volunteers to follow.
  • Volunteering will take place as an agreed upon plan. Should you desire to volunteer, contact your child’s teacher for the events or times of the day that will work with the instructional program in the classroom. If you desire to volunteer on a more general level (on the playground or school events), contact the PTO or the front office.
  • All volunteers are required to submit a CORI (background check). Volunteer work with students may not begin until this is complete.
  • All volunteers sign in at the front desk and take a lanyard with a badge. This way we know that you are a planned visitor.
  • When a volunteer experience is finished, please return to the front office without any disruption to the other classrooms. We ask that parents who may be volunteering in one child’s class do not drop in and visit with another child’s class, as this can be disruptive to the learning process.