School Closing Information

In the event of school being closed for the day due to weather, notification will be posted on local news stations and the district website. A school-wide text message will be sent to families choosing to utilize the Remind system. Following the text alert, Mr. Gibbons will make a call to all the families of children at West Villages announcing there is no school for the day using the Blackboard Connect system,. In the event that schools close early due to storms, a text and an Blackboard Connect call will be made by the Principal to all the families of the children in our school. Please listen to the television, local radio stations, or consult the Barnstable Public Schools website for updates.

It is a parent’s responsibility to check to see if school has been canceled for the day. In the event that we experience an early dismissal or delayed opening of school, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide coverage for their children. Please make alternative arrangements in advance.