General Information

School Hours

School Hours: 8:45-3:30           

Daycare Hours: 7:00 am – 8:45 am and 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday - Friday


Students arriving for Morning Day Care may enter the school through the cafeteria doors after 7:00am. All other students who are arriving for the school day may enter the building at 8:45. Instruction begins at 9:00. Students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria at 8:45.

Students arriving on the bus will enter through the main lobby doors. Students arriving in cars will be dropped off on the side of the building following the morning drop off procedure.


Dismissal begins at 3:20 for car riders, walkers, and day care. Busses arrive at 3:30 and leave by 3:35. Please see the procedures for afternoon car pick up.

Early Dismissal

In order to protect the learning of your child and conform with Massachusetts general law, it is important that your child is here:

  • On Time
  • All Day
  • Every Day 

The school is held accountable for attendance. Therefore, we ask that you let your child remain in school each day and either ride the bus home, follow the afternoon car pick up procedure, or attend the day care program.

Should it become necessary on a rare occasion to dismiss your child early from school, we ask that you:

  • Send a note to the teacher at least 24hours in advance
  • Sign the child out at the front desk no later than 3:05 p.m.

Overuse of this process will be recorded with attendance when reporting to the state.


Students who walk home from school are dismissed to adults before the buses leave. Parents should send a note to school at the beginning of the year to inform the office that their child will be walking home for the duration of the school year.

Dogs at School

Due to several factors, we must ask that dogs and pets do not accompany students or parents onto to school property. Special occasions can be arranged in advance with the Principal, but as a rule of thumb, our pets need to remain off of school property during the operation of school.

Student Bicycle Use

The Barnstable School Committee, cognizant of the traditions of riding a bicycle to school and also cognizant of the traffic conditions that exist in our community, establishes the following policy regarding student bicycle use at the elementary level:
  • Students enrolled in any grade below Grade 4 shall not be allowed to ride bicycles to or from school.

Transportation: School Buses

Children are transported to and from school on buses operated by:
First Student Bus Co. (508-362-4663)
The transportation system is an extension of our school and appropriate student behavior is expected at all times. The school discipline code is in effect on the school bus and when loading and unloading. Therefore, violation of the school’s discipline code on the bus or when loading/unloading may result not only in removal from the bus, but also exclusion from school and up to and including expulsion.
Kindergarten and 1st grade children will not be dropped at their bus stop without an adult to meet them. If this occurs, the child will be returned to school and the parents will be contacted.
Children may not change buses. Questions may be directed to the Director of Transportation, Ms. Sandy Gifford at 508-862-4996.

Bus Accident Policy

In the event that the school is informed of a bus accident every effort will be made to contact the parents of the children riding the bus involved.