Contacting the School

Contacting The School






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Help us Communicate with you

Emergency contacts

We need at least two consistent contact numbers for your child. This is in case of an emergency or a concern regarding your child. It is scary for a child to be at school when we cannot reach you.  Please make sure you have updated this through the district "Back to School Update" link on the district website.

School Alerts

To receive school alerts for events, closings, and information, we use a confidential service that will notify you of school information via text message. This will not give us your phone number. It is a confidential service. See below:

For text alerts: text @WVES   to: 404-991-3488

This service is completely confidential. No one will see your cell phone number or information.

School Emergency Notifications

In addition to the reminder service above, from time to time the school will send an automated call to inform you of pressing information. It is imperative that we have the most up-to-date telephone number in place for you so that you do not miss these important notices.


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