MCAS 2.0

MCAS 2.0??? What is that?

MCAS 2.0 is the new version of the state test given beginning in 3rd grade, throughout the state of Massachusetts. It is designed to measure student achievement in the areas of Math and English Language Arts. As the students get older, they are tested in more subjects such as Writing, Science, and Social Studies.

Our students will be testing in April and May.

More information will come home during the year, but please remember this is only one test, and it does not affect promotion to the next grade level or impact a student’s grade.

Does MCAS 2.0 affect the rest of the students?

Our school is graded each year based on the results of how our third graders perform, on the attendance of all our students and on the percentage of participation on these exams. These results are published across the state.

How can I help my child and the school during MCAS?

It is important to remember that MCAS 2.0 is only one snapshot in the course of your child’s education. The best way to help your child is to make sure that he/she is at school on time, everyday, all day.

Please do not schedule vacations or time out of school during the testing window on the calendar.

Proper rest and nutrition is important all year long. Healthy habits make sure that your child’s mind and body are ready for instruction and/or to show what they know.


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