Daycare Program

West Villages hosts an on-site day care program. The purpose of this program is to provide a safe environment for our students before and after the school day. This is a courtesy to parents that may have work hours that preclude them from bringing their students during the school’s regular hours of operation. The students will have access to games and activities, homework space and snack. While this program operates independently of the school, we operate with the same set of expectations and values as the rest of the school day.

This program is limited in the number of students that can be accepted. Students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis, with preference given to those in the program the previous school year.

The staff that work these programs have definite hours. While we recognize that emergencies and unforeseen events take place, recurring instances of students not being picked up on time may result in the loss of your placement in the program. 

The fees for the program go directly to the function of the program. Students with overdue charges may be asked to meet with program staff and/or the Principal to resolve the issues. Continued delinquency in payment will result in the loss of placement in the program.

It is imperative that the daycare staff be able to contact an adult responsible for each child’s care. Should there be an emergency, staff members will need to be able to reach you. Please provide a minimum of two numbers for us to reach in the case of emergency.


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