A breakfast program is offered to all students at West Villages Elementary School. The cost of a student breakfast is $ 1.50. Students who participate in the program may purchase a breakfast from the cart at the front door and head directly to class.


Hot lunches, which include milk and dessert, are prepared daily in our own cafeterias. Menus are sent home monthly. Lunches may be purchased for $2.65 per day or on a weekly basis on Friday mornings. If you wish to pay by check, make your check payable to the Barnstable School Lunch Program.

School staff, who expect acceptable table manners and cooperation, supervise lunch periods. Children are not required to eat everything on their plates but are encouraged to try unfamiliar foods. Please review the following cafeteria expectations with your child:

  1. Move slowly and take the seats or area assigned to you. Once seated, you may not leave your seat without raising your hand and asking for permission.
  2. Quiet conversation is encouraged, as are any normal behaviors common to dining at home. Shouting, throwing food or paper products are not appropriate activities and will not be tolerated.
  3. Remain in the cafeteria after finishing lunch until you are dismissed to your classroom.
  4. Children are expected to clean up their area after eating. All paper, utensils cartons should be placed in the proper receptacles.
  5. Sitting with a friend at lunch is a privilege and can be lost based upon inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria.

Due to the large number of students who attend our school we cannot invite parents to eat lunch with their child.

Any question regarding the school lunch program should be directed to 508-778-0563