How do I access Adobe Flash Videos on my Chromebook?

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If any Chromebook is having issues with loading a video that is made in Adobe Flash, there is a way to enable Adobe Flash. 

Adobe Flash comes installed in Chrome OS, and on occasion, has to be udated or allowed. 

A Screencastify has been made to show you how to enable the settings to "allow" Flash to play on the Chromebook. This is a very easy process, and should be able to be completed if your watch the video. (it is only 1.30 minutes long). 

For those that like to follow written directions, and Adobe Flash has to be enabled on your Chromebook, complete these steps. 

1. In the OMNIBOX, (address bar), click on the LOCK ICON, to the left of the web address of the video that will not play. When the cursor hovers over the lock icon, it says, View Site Information. 

2. You will see Flash Extension icon, click allow.  (If you cannot see the Flash choice right away, choose site settings, search for Flash in the list, and click allow).


Please note that Adobe Flash will only be supported until December 2020. Most videos are now being converted to HTML5.