Future Problem Solving

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Future Problem Solving is a rigorous academic program, part of the Gateway umbrella that applies critical and creative thinking to approach problems we will face in the future, hoping to find real solutions to mitigate the negative consequences of these problems. Some issues include climate change, space exploration, pollution, advances in technology that threaten individual rights and freedom, aging, social media, international travel - the list goes on. The students research the topic, reading from a variety of sources. Students are taught skills that help them identify crucial issues and facts in the future scene, isolate the problem that needs the greatest attention, find creative solutions that address the problem, evaluate those solutions with targeted criteria that they decide on, and finally develop a detailed written action plan that comprehensively explains the best solution. The FPS teams are comprised of 4 people who work together to brainstorm ideas. Team work is an important part of the program; ideally teams are balanced with people who have different strengths, such as writing, evaluating, and time management.         

Advisor: D. Contrino