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Medication Administration Protocol

The Barnstable Public School Medication protocol provides a safe consistent and reasonable approach to the taking of medication by children during the school hours. Generally, medications should be given at home. When necessary and with a Physicians recommendation, medication
may be taken at school following the procedure below.
Barnstable Public School district requires completed forms must be on file before any medications can be administered. Medications include all prescription drugs, inhalers, and all over the counter medications such as Tylenol, cold medications, cough drops, cough syrup, or any store bought treatments.
  1. Parental Consent Form - must be renewed yearly
  2. Physician’s Order Form—must be renewed yearly and with any change such as dosage or time.
  3. Administration Plan - to be completed by the Parent and the School Nurse.
MEDICINES MUST BE DELIVERED BY AN ADULT to the school. No student is allowed to transport medication. Arrangements can be made through the School Nurse to designate another adult to deliver any medication. Any medications found in lunch boxes etc. will be destroyed.
The Pharmacy label must be attached to the container or inhaler. The label must have the student’s name, and current date. No medications will be administered during school time until all forms are completed. In an emergency, parents are welcome to go to the School Nurses Office and administer any needed medicine.
The Barnstable Public School Health services are licensed under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health.