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Student Mobile Device Agreement K-7

Portuguese.pdf | Spanish.pdf

  • Use of the Internet and your mobile device (iPad/Chromebook) is a privilege.  You are expected to be a responsible digital citizen at all times. The device issued to you by the school is only to be used for educational purposes. 

  • You must log in to your Google Account to use the device. 

  • You may not listen to music or watch movies without teacher permission. 

  • You may not play any games on this device unless your teacher gives your permission. (YouTube, Netflix, etc).

  • You may not take pictures, record videos, or make audio recordings of anyone (students or teachers) without permission.

  • You are responsible for bringing your device to and from school each day. There are no loaners. 

  • Charge the device at night, and leave your charger at home (So you do not lose it!) Fully charged, this device has a 10 hour battery life. 

  • You are expected to take GOOD CARE of your mobile device.
    • Keep food and drinks away from your device.
    • Use your iPad or Chromebook on a solid surface (like a desk or table).
    • Shut down your device at LEAST once a week. 
    • If your device needs cleaning, ask your teacher or family member to help you.

  • If you think your device isn’t working right, contact your teacher right away. 

To verify that you understand all of the above rules for using my school issued device complete the BIS Student Mobile Device Info/Agreement Form.  I agree to follow these rules, and understand any misuse of my iPad or Chromebook may result in a behavioral consequence and/or loss of use of my device.