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Drop-off/Pick-Up Safety Procedures


Hyannis West Elementary Drop-off/Pick-up Safety Procedures


At Hyannis West we want to produce a safe environment that creates a positive learning experience for your child.  It’s important for your child to be in a consistent routine when entering and leaving school.  Parent cooperation is appreciated and necessary for the safety of all of our students as well as to limit classroom disruptions.


Morning Drop-Off

  • 8:40  -  .  Children who arrive before that time will remain outside and will not be supervised. During inclement weather, children will enter the building and go directly to their classrooms or to breakfast.
  • Remain in your car and follow a single lane of traffic to the bus port.  Give your child a kiss and hug in the car and a staff member will safely escort them out of the car.  Adults, other than staff members, are not permitted on the playground during walking/recess times.  THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD.
  • If you need to go to the front office, park in the front lot and enter through the front door of the school.  You need to sign in and wear a Visitor’s Pass if you are going past the front office.
  • 9:00  -  Official start of the school day. Doors are closed and locked at this time. Students arriving after 9:00 are tardy and must be signed in by an adult at the office.  


Afternoon Pick-Up 

  • Pick-up students are dismissed from school promptly at 3:20. 
  • There are too many adults in the bus port area during this time. Parking elsewhere and walking to meet your child slows down the line of traffic and adds to the number of people crossing in front of cars.  For the safety of your child and to move the line of traffic more efficiently, remain in your car and a staff memberwill bring your child to you.
  • Traffic moves in two lanes, side by side, through the front parking lot and around the busport.  ALL traffic is one-way and should exit onto Straightway.
  • If you were given a sign for your window, please use it. It speeds up the process.
  • If there is a change in how your child is getting home or if someone who is not listed on the Student Verification Form is picking up your child, a note or call is required.


I understand that drop-off and pick-up can be a frustrating time. If we all work together, the process can be much smoother and faster. 


Thank you for your support and cooperation!