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Barnstable Public Schools 

Protocol: Visitors to School Buildings 

Per CDC guidance, non-essential visitors, volunteers and activities involving external groups and organizations should be limited, particularly in areas of moderate to high COVID-19 community transmission.

  • Parents/guardians will be permitted to enter buildings for scheduled meetings. Parents/guardians and schools will continue to have the option to have meetings held virtually. 
  • Dismissal practices will be determined by individual schools. Please note that any planned dismissals should be communicated to the school. 
  • Parents/guardians will be permitted to enter buildings to drop medication off to the school nurse.  Drop-off times should be arranged with the school nurse. 
  • If parents/guardians are dropping off a personal item for the child(ren) they will need to call the school first. Upon arrival, there will be a container located near the front entrance in which the item can be left. The item will be taken into the school and the student called to the main office to pick up the item.
    • Barnstable High School - 508-790-6445  
    • Barnstable Intermediate School - 508-790-6460       
    • Barnstable United Elementary - 508-420-2272
    • Barnstable Community Innovation School - 508-790-6485     
    • Barnstable West Barnstable Elementary - 508-362-4949
    • Centerville Elementary - 508-790-9890  
    • Hyannis West Elementary - 508-790-6480   
    • West Villages Elementary - 508-420-1100   
    • Enoch Cobb Early Learning Center - 508-790-6493
  • Parents/guardians/volunteers will be restricted from engaging in classroom activities with students to begin the school year. 
  • Parents requesting school tours and volunteers who work outside of the classroom will be permitted, provided that health and safety guidelines are followed. 
  • Direct service providers will be permitted to access schools and classrooms, provided that health and safety guidelines are followed. 
  • All visitors to schools will need to follow all of the safety guidelines set forth below:
    • Face masks are required for all visitors, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Hand sanitizer should be used upon entering the school.
    • Visitors should not enter buildings if not feeling well.
    • Any visitor entering a school will be required to sign in/out at the main office.
  • Any visitor who learns they are COVID-19 positive and were in the building during their infectious period (48 hours prior to symptom onset or positive test, if asymptomatic), must alert the school

All COVID-19 protocols will be reevaluated regularly based upon community transmission data, vaccination rates, and in conjunction with federal, state and local guidance. 

Reference: CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools 8/23/21