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5/3/21 - Raise Craze

Hi BUES families!

We are so excited to kick off our Raise Craze fundraiser today! From Friday, April 30th - Friday, May 14th, students will be reaching out to friends and family via email and their parent's social media to ask for donations to BUES.  During those two weeks, they will be showing their appreciation by performing acts of kindness (AOKs) within their homes, classrooms and the community.  Students will be tracking their AOKs online through Raise Craze or on paper tracking forms and we hope to exceed our schoolwide goal of 1,800 acts of kindness.  We are hoping for 100% participation because we know every one of our amazing students can complete at least one act of kindness. Students can participate in Raise Craze by performing acts of kindness, raising money or by doing both. 


Please take a look at the attached flyers to see how to register your student online, find out which local organizations we are partnering with for our schoolwide kindness projects, and learn about some of the great prize opportunities for students.   Printed copies of these flyers will be sent home today with in person students.


You can watch our Raise Craze kick off video at:


Please don't hesitate to email the PTA at if you have any questions.  We're hoping this will be a really positive, fun experience for students, staff and families.


- Mr. Wojkowski, BUES Principal


Raise Craze Info (English)

Raise Craze Info (Spanish)

Raise Craze (Portuguese)