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11/24/20 - Travel Advisory & After Break

Good morning everyone,

I hope that you are having a great week.  While we are not in session with students, I did want to update you with two items:

After the Break

The two days after the Thanksgiving break on Monday, November the 30th and Tuesday, December 1st are remote for all students.  We will follow a regular school day schedule on those days.  It will just be virtual.  Wednesday, December 2nd will follow our normal remote Wednesday schedule.  Students in cohorts B and C will return to in-person learning on Thursday, December 3rd. 

Travel Advisory Reminder

This is a reminder for families who are traveling outside the state of Massachusetts.  Please read the district protocol for travel, it was recently updated.  If you or your child will be traveling please send your or your child’s PCR test to the school nurse via email or  fax (508)420-0185.

Protocol: Travel Advisory Testing 

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Be well,

- Mr. Wojkowski, BUES Principal