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10/15/20 - Morning drop-off update

Good morning,

We changed to a double line of cars for parent drop off this year so traffic would not back up onto Osterville-West Barnstable Road. Based on drop off traffic so far, we will change the process from a double lane back to a single lane of traffic.


Changing back to a single lane will help with the safety of students, school staff, and cars.  Please use the right lane only for parent drop off.  We will then direct fourth grade car riders to the front door and fifth grade car riders to the gym door. This will allow us to move traffic quickly out all at once.  The left lane will be blocked off with traffic cones so cars are not cutting in front of each other.  Please be sure to follow the directions of school staff.


Afternoon pick up will remain the same.  All students were given a sign with their name on it for parent pick up.  Please make sure it is displayed so that we know which student is going to a specific car.  Please remember that cell phone use is not allowed in the parent pick up line.


Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility.  

-Mr. Wojkowski, BUES Principal