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BUES is Participating in Stop&Shop's A+ Bonus Bucks

Update: BUES was presented a check from Stop and Shop for $15761.48.  Thanks to all who are participating.
Every time you use your card, we will earn money just by shopping with your card at the store. Each time you shop, a portion of what you spend will be credited toward our account.  
It's simple...record the person's name and Stop&Shop card number (13 digit number located on the back of your store card) and fill information on a letter your child has received. Then, have your child bring their sheet into school to be tallied and then entered into the computer on Stop&Shop's website. We will do the data entering for you!
Please check out for more information. If you have a child at another school, that's OK. You can be registered with up to 3 different schools at a time. 
There are Stop&Shop stores in MA, RI, NH, CT, NY, NJ so ask your family and friends!