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  • Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent 
    Meg Mayo-Brown

    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 508-862-4953
    Fax: 508-790-6454

    Summer Greetings!

    In my first year as Superintendent of Barnstable Public Schools, I have learned a tremendous amount from the students, teachers, staff, parents, town officials and community about what a special place the Town of Barnstable is to live, work and receive an education.  As part of my Entry Plan, I met with the many stakeholders that make up Barnstable Public Schools through interviews, meetings and public forums.  From these sessions, the strengths of the district were revealed:

    1. The range of instructional and co-curricular programming for students PreK through grade 12.
    2. The global diversity of the student body.
    3. Relationships across the district.

    I am proud to be a part of such a successful and diverse school district.  Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into your community.

    Even though summer is in full swing, the work in Barnstable Public Schools continues: 

    Facilities Summer Projects

    David Kanyock, Facilities Director, is working on many summer projects at our schools including BUE lavatory upgrades, BUE lock upgrades, BWB, HYW and Centerville swings and playground installations, WVE auditorium roof top unit heat exchanger replacement, BIS roof top HVAC maintenance, BIS public address system upgrade, water fountain replacement at HYW, BUE and WVE, and parking lot painting at BWB, BCHMCPS, BUE and BHS.  Thank you Dave and his team for all the work they do to maintain our schools.

    Kindergarten Jumpstart at Hyannis West Elementary

    Data indicates that each year more than half of incoming Hyannis West Kindergarten students do not attend preschool. These students are at a disadvantage compared to their peers who have attended some type of program. As a result, utilizing Title I funds, Hyannis West established the Jumpstart Program.

    For two weeks each summer the Jumpstart Program provides incoming Kindergarten students with an opportunity to learn school readiness skills, such as; Responsive Classroom routines, appropriate bus and classroom behavior, standing in line and walking in the hall, raising their hand, sharing, taking turns and the expectations of a good listener. These skills are modeled and practiced in an enriching and small group environment that nurtures their growth.

    Research shows that children who attend Kindergarten readiness programs, like Jumpstart, are more likely to do well in school and attend college. Students who attend the Title I Jumpstart Program become familiar with the school setting which increases their excitement, decreases anxiety, and students are better prepared to begin their school experience at Hyannis West. 

    Summer Leadership Institute

    Our three-day Summer Leadership Institute will take place from August 15 to 17. This is an opportunity for all district leaders to discuss the priorities for the 2017-2018 school year.  This work will help to set the tone for the coming school year and develop team building skills that will promote district-wide and school-wide collaboration and communication. We look forward to a productive time together.

    Summer Graduation

    Summer Graduation will be on Monday August 21st at 5:30 PM in the Cobb AstroPark. In Barnstable’s 6th year of doing a Summer Graduation, we are expecting 17 graduates.  Principal Patrick Clark and Project Excel Director Alik Taylor speak at the event. Principal Clark stated “in trying to live our Core Values, we felt strongly that students who needed more time to meet graduation standards should celebrate their accomplishment with teachers, family and friends, so we began this tradition in August of 2011.”  Congratulations to all Graduates!

    As the summer winds down, we will continue to prepare for the new school year which starts on Wednesday, August 30 for grades 1 – 12. (Kindergarten begins on August 31 and PreK begins on September 5). 

    Wishing everyone a continued happy and safe summer,






Our Vision

  • The Barnstable Public Schools educates the whole child by creating a student centered school culture that addresses students' physical, social, emotional, and academic needs by creating a safe and healthy learning environment in which students are challenged, supported, and engaged.