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From the Superintendent

  • Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent 
    Dr. Meg Mayo-Brown

    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 508-862-4953
    Fax: 508-790-6454
    Summer Greetings!

    Even though June brings the end of school for students and teachers, administrators work year round, closing out the last school year and preparing for the opening of the new school year. This summer we welcome three new administrators to our Barnstable District Leadership Team, including:
    • Beth Forbes, Barnstable-West Barnstable Elementary School Principal
    • Mike Wojkowski, Barnstable United Elementary School Principal
    • Dylan Pauly, School Attorney

    Beth Forbes

    Beth Forbes started as Principal at Barnstable-West Barnstable Elementary School on June 1st. Beth continues to have a successful career in Barnstable Public Schools, first serving as a kindergarten, first grade and second grade classroom teacher. Building upon her classroom teaching experience, she became the district’s elementary curriculum leader for four years, responsible for general leadership in curriculum, instruction, and assessment in grades K-5. Most recently, she has served as the Assistant Principal at Barnstable United Elementary School. Beth has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and has completed Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership and Management. I am confident Beth will bring energetic and innovative leadership to BWB, with an unwavering focus on student learning and well-being, while supporting the work and efforts of our BWB teachers.

    Mike Wojkowski

    Michael Wojkowski has been appointed as the new Principal for Barnstable United Elementary School. Mike has been with Barnstable Public Schools since 1998 when he started teaching English at Barnstable High School. In 2010, Mike stepped into the role of English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator for grades 6 -12 where his responsibilities included alignment of the ELA curriculum between the Intermediate School and the High School, facilitation of professional development to grade 6 -12 ELA staff, and overall support and supervision of English Department staff at both the High School and the Intermediate School. Mike holds a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching in English Education through Boston University. Mike's education and experience will serve him well as he moves into the Principal role at BUES. He recognizes the importance of students' academic and social-emotional experience at Barnstable United as they transition from their village elementary schools. Mike is excited to begin this work in collaboration with the committed staff of Barnstable United.

    Dylan Pauly

    Dylan has a bachelor’s degree in special education from SUNY-Plattsburgh. After serving as a special education teacher, Dylan obtained a law degree from the University at Buffalo Law School, SUNY. She was a public defender and assistant district attorney in Upstate New York, and then joined a law firm that served the Buffalo, New York, school district and then spent seven and a half years as counsel in the Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District. Dylan is concluding her assignment as an attorney for the public schools in Rochester, New York. She will join Barnstable Public Schools on July 2, 2018.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the worldwide destination vacation location we call home. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Have a happy and healthy summer!

    Warmest wishes,



  • Vision Statement:
    The Barnstable Public Schools educates the whole child by creating a student centered school culture that addresses students' physical, social, emotional, and academic needs by creating a safe and healthy learning environment in which students are challenged, supported, and engaged.
    Core Values:
    In Barnstable Public Schools, we value commitment, collaboration, and community...
    • Commitment: We are dedicated to the continuous learning and growth of all.
    • Collaboration: We work together while keeping student needs at the center of all decision making.
    • Community: We build strong, respectful partnerships that support student success.