Mrs. Kenney's Kindergarten News

  • January 31, 2020



    Dear Families:

    With the kids wishing for more snowy days, we have read several more books focusing on winter including Is That You Winter? and The Shortest Day.   We also read several books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. including Martin’s Big Words and Happy Birthday Martin Luther King. We learned much about his life, what he was working to achieve and about his dream of peace and equality for the world.  We watched part of his famous I Have A Dream speech and then we all illustrated/wrote about our dream to make the world a better place.

    Language Arts

    In reading we began a new unit on the four seasons and will read many books and learn many vocabulary words around this theme.  We focused on the letter Oo with Every Season and On the Go. We made an O poster, matched opposites, drew an octopus and read about otters and ostriches.  We also focused on the letter Bb through the books Bear Snores On and Brave Irene. We made a B poster, learned about bears in the winter, counted buttons on 10 frames and built with blocks.  Through these stories and our practice readers we are learning several new sight words including go and you. This month we are working on sequencing (remembering the important parts of a story in an organized order) to help us with reading comprehension.

    In our writing program we began a new unit focusing on how authors organize their writing.  We read Cats and Dogs and organized and wrote about what cat and dog could do together after they learned how to get along and also shared and celebrated our stories with each other.  We read Snowman at Night, and wrote about what we thought our snowman might do at night. We had fun illustrating our ideas with chalk and then posted them in the hall to share. 


    In math we read The Sleepover which sets the stage for investigating various arrangements of 8 people on bunkbeds.  We then worked with a partner to write our own math stories as the kids went up and down the ladder to change from the top to the bottom bunk.  We also learned how to count by 2’s as we decorated a mitten bulletin board and snacked on M&M’s as we completed a counting/pairs activity.

    In science we read several books and watched many videos focusing on the seasons.  We compared the things that we do in each season, brainstormed what we wear in each season and discussed what animals do in each season.


    In our Second Step program, we have been learning how to calm down when experiencing strong feelings (i.e. anger, frustration, etc.)  We learned a new song to remind us to stop, name our feelings and take belly breaths. We use these strategies at school, but they are really meant to be used any time or place when strong feelings occur.  It would be great to talk about these strategies and use them at home as well! Also, believe it or not, we have passed the half way point in our kindergarten year and are only 7 school days away from celebrating the 100th Day of Kindergarten!  If we don’t have any more snow days, we will celebrate this accomplishment on February 11th.  Today I sent home a family work project requiring you and your child to collect and count 100 small objects (cheerios, buttons, paperclips, crayons, rocks, M&M’s, pennies, etc.) or come up with another way to show 100 (i.e. draw 100 flowers, use 100 stickers to make a design, etc.).  Thanks in advance for your help with counting and creativity!  

    Future Themes and Events

    Over the next few weeks we will continue our unit on the seasons with a winter focus through several literacy and math projects.  We will also read new stories, begin a new unit in language arts, focus on the letters Ll and Dd, learn new sight words, make a new math book, each write and illustrate a story about the seasons, practice addition with apple boxes, count to 100 in many ways, celebrate Valentines Day and several other activities to make learning interesting and fun.