Ms. Duran's News

  • February 10, 2020


    First Things First!                            Family + School = Success @HYWEST!

    You are invited to an oratory presentation of DR. Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired speeches on Thursday, February 27, 2020 @ 2:00 p.m. in our cafeteria at Hyannis West Elementary.  Each child will read her/his speech.

    Refreshments and Dunkin’ Donuts’ Coffee will be served!!! Be Proud!


    We have begun BLOCK 5(Ages and Timelines) in the CFL Math Program CONTEXTS FOR LEARNING.  The first Chunk is presented using a story of a boy and his family, as he tries to figure out how old his relatives are in relation to himself.  Thank you for filling out the paperwork, as we will use the data for each child to construct a timeline and label it with their relatives’ names and birth years.  This was designed as a supplemental unit for grade 4, and is now being implemented with 7 year olds. I will offer support during all stages to avoid frustration. The big idea is the relationship between addition and subtraction.  This was formerly taught through fact families in grade 2, so I will offer that strategy as well. Basic skills are not the main focus of this curriculum as it is based on problem solving strategies. However, if the students do not master basic addition and subtraction facts, the tasks can be frustrating. Try some great websites that are free and do not require APPS!


    Wow! We have read so many books this past month, hundreds!   We will be beginning Unit 5 in the Reach For Reading Anthology.  The big question is, “Why Is Nature Always Changing?” In response to that prompt, we will be reading a vast array of nonfiction selections.  We will determine main idea and details, and continue to compare and contrast authors’ purpose. We are now using the website, so your child can login and read ebooks and develop vocabulary skills at home!  Phonics study will include igh, i_e, -y, as well as our continued study of prefixes and suffixes.

    School Family Plans

    Our school family, “THE FAB FOUR” will be celebrating the 100th Day of school today with a counting and building extravaganza in the cafeteria! 

    Remember to check the “Return To School” pocket of the RED Home/Communication folder daily.    Ms. Duran