Ms. Carroll's News From Room 16

  • March 19, 2020


    Hello Families!

    Report cards went home on Friday. It is hard to believe we only have one trimester left. It is an exciting time as the skills start all coming together. I really appreciate your help with homework. I couldn’t do it without you !

    Ask your child about …. 


    Reading scripts to practice for a play in spring 

    Go Noodle 

    We will be working on the following: 

    Theme- animal features 

    Comprehension - finding details in a text; compare and contrast 

    Grammar - adjectives, sentence parts 

    Phonics - soft c and soft g ; y as a vowel Hi-frequency words 

    Math - equivalence; open number line, measurement, models 

    Writing- word choice to create descriptive pieces 

    Social-Emotional Learning 

    Strong feelings 

    Managing strong feelings 

    Including peers at recess 

    Please reach out to me at anytime by calling school, sending in a note or emailing 

    Ms. Lisa Carrol