ECELC Education Plan for Remote Learning

  • General Information:

    Although in-person instruction is being offered to all families of preschool children previously enrolled at Enoch Cobb, families have the option to choose remote learning from home.  Children participating in remote learning will be assigned to a morning or afternoon classroom Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and will be required to participate in both live instructional sessions via Zoom at specified times and engage in a minimum number of learning experiences which will be planned by the classroom teacher, but facilitated by caregivers at home.  Caregivers will need to be available during their child’s assigned preschool hours to support learning experiences at home.

    Circle Time:

    The remote classroom teacher will engage students in a live, whole group meeting to provide instruction in the areas of literacy, math, and social emotional development daily.  Attendance is required and will be recorded, as it would be if attending school in-person.

    Small Group and Individual Learning Time:

    Each week caregivers supporting remote learning will be required to check the classroom teacher’s online classroom space or “landing page” in order to access Zoom meeting information and a menu of activity options, which will be aligned to the preschool curriculum concepts being taught that week.  Pre-recorded stories read aloud and additional preschool learning resources will also be included. Parents can choose to engage their child in activities that match their child’s ability and interests.

    In addition to weekly suggested activities, children receiving special education services will be scheduled to attend small group or individual zoom meetings with the classroom staff and/or related service providers (Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist) in order to access services during this time.

    Closing Circle:

    The remote classroom teacher will engage students in a live, whole group meeting to provide additional opportunities for socialization and sharing of personal experiences daily.  Attendance at the closing circle is optional.

    Evidence of Learning:

    Caregivers will need to submit evidence that their child participated in at least one suggested learning activity in each area (literacy, math and social emotional development) each week by uploading a photo, brief video or by typing a comment in Google Classroom.   This information is required and necessary in order for us to monitor student progress.


    All preschool families will be loaned a district issued iPad.  Caregivers will need to be familiar with Google Classroom and Zoom applications.  If you need help check out the District's Technology Support


    Students will be provided “learning bags” which include basic craft supplies and other learning tools.

Sample Schedules:

  • Options:

    If you feel the expectations for remote learning will not work for your family, please notify Principal, Nicole Caucci via email at  Your child may be able to transition to in-person learning or you may choose to withdraw your child from the program.  If you choose to withdraw and your child has an Individualized Education Plan (special education plan), your child’s plan will remain active and on file with Barnstable Public Schools should you choose to re-enroll your child in the future.