BPS Remote Learning Plans

  • As the extended school closure continues, resources will continue to be added to these pages.  We know that during these uncertain times, it might not always be possible for families and students to regularly engage with the educational resources being provided.  We encourage you to create a schedule/routine with your student(s) to the best of your ability as we know how important this is in creating a sense of normalcy in these unprecedented times.  The CDC has put out the following guidance:

    Create a schedule and routine for learning at home, but remain flexible.

    • Have consistent bedtimes and get up at the same time, Monday through Friday.
    • Structure the day for learning, free time, healthy meals and snacks, and physical activity.
    • Allow flexibility in the schedule—it’s okay to adapt based on your day.

    Students benefit from daily academics; reading, math, science, social studies, wellness and the arts.  For our PK - 5 students, Barnstable educators have organized resources connected to math, English Language Arts, movement, and creativity/exploration by grade level for students and families to select from.  For our grade 6 - 12 students, the assembled resources have been organized by content area; students and families are encouraged to select those resources that are most accessible and of interest to the student. 

    Our goal for these resource pages continues to be keeping students, connected, supported, and engaged during this school closure.


District Recommended Enrichment Activities

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Establish a Routine. Children thrive on routines. Establish as much of a routine as you can and follow that routine each day as closely as you are able (we understand the challenges!). Set "work hours," ideally in the morning when students are most alert. As the weather improves, provide opportunities for your child to go on walks in the afternoon (while still maintaining social distance from other children). If your child is picking up our lunches during the closure, this is also a great opportunity for your child to be outside!

    Be Realistic. We know this is challenging, and on some or even most days it will be impossible for you to "home school" your child. These resources are meant to help you manage uncomfortable social distancing while positively connecting with your child and avoiding cabin fever!

    Make it Fun. Ask your child what they want to learn about or work on, and create special projects for them. We will post examples in this site!

Talking to your child about the Coronavirus:

Internet Access: