Student Chromebook Contract

  • Using a Chromebook is an exciting opportunity.  With this opportunity, however, there are a number of  potential risks. In order to protect students from these potential risks, students and families should discuss internet safety and the student’s obligation to be responsible when creating an online presence. Please review  the following expectations and with your child.

    • I agree to abide by the BPS Acceptable Use Policy, the Family and Student Chromebook Expectations and all local, state, and federal laws. 
    • I agree that my use of BPS technology is for educational purposes only.
    • I agree that use of Barnstable Public Schools’ technology is a privilege. I am responsible for the proper care of my BPS issued Chromebook. I understand that this device will be issued to me for the next three years, as long as I am a student at BPS. 
    • I agree to keep all accounts and/or passwords issued to me secure. I will not share this information with any other students. This includes passwords for email.
    • I agree that I will never share personal information over the Internet. In addition, if I am asked for personal information or harassed in any way I agree to report it immediately to my parents, teacher and/or BPS staff member. I will confide in an adult if anything potentially dangerous happens online.
    • I will not post anything that I would not want my parents, teachers, college admissions officers, or future employers to see.
    • I agree to only use the Internet responsibly and not be hurtful to anyone.
    • I agree that email (or any other computer communication) should be used only for appropriate, legitimate, and responsible communication. 
    • I agree that I will not install, download and/or otherwise utilize any software that is not authorized by the BPS Technology Department.  
    • I will not remove programs or files from my BPS Chromebook. This includes the GoGuardian software that monitors and filters the school issued Chromebook. 
    • I understand that all files stored on my BPS issued laptop will not be private.  BPS personnel can review laptops and/or files at any time.
    • I will be mindful of how much media I consume and will balance it with other activities in my life.
    • I know that not everything I read or see is true, and I will think about whether a source or person is credible.
    • I agree to think about and understand anything before I download or fill out any survey.
    • I will help my parents understand why media is so important to me.
    • I will show my parents how to use the tools that I like if they are interested in learning.
    • I will return my BPS issued Chromebook and all of its accessories by the last day of school each year, upon my withdrawal from Barnstable Public Schools or whenever requested by the BPS Technology Department.

    In exchange, my parents agree to:

    • Provide supervision and limits around Chromebook use at home.
    • Let me make some mistakes and help me learn from them.

    Guidelines for proper care: 

    • I will keep food and drink away from the Chromebook
    • I will be the ONLY user of my school issued Chromebook
    • I will give the same care to my assigned Chromebook at all times that I would give to my most valued possession.
    • I will not attempt to make repairs to my assigned Chromebook if it is damaged or malfunctioning.
    • I will not deface the Chromebook: No stickers of any time (except district issued) will be allowed.
    • I will use care in transporting my assigned Chromebook to and from school.
    • I will keep the screen clean with a soft, dry, anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for the screen only.
    • I will keep my school issued protective cover on my assigned Chromebook at all times.
    • I will take care of my Chromebook and will not intentionally damage it in any way.


    If you would more information about discussing online safety with your child, you may contact Bethann Orr, Director of Technology at or Beth Knittle at for additional resources. And as parents, please be open and supportive as your child starts to learn and explore on their Chromebook. School administration can update and/or edit Chromebook policies as the initiative moves forward and new ideas/issues arise.