September News - 2019

  • Beth Forbes, Principal


    Dear Families,

    We are off to a great start here at school!  We are focusing on teaching routines and rituals, creating safe and collaborative learning environments, and defining expectations. I will be sending a newsletter monthly through our alert system.  Please check that your email is up to date on Aspen to receive it.  I will also post on our webpage. 

    student A Healthy Start to the Day!

    We are continuing our morning walk this year!  This is a great way to connect with each other and get some exercise.  Often the grass is dewy, so you may want to place an extra pair of shoes in backpacks if your child is reporting being uncomfortable. We will be reaching out to parents soon for volunteers to help during our morning walk.

    Updated Look!

    We spent the summer updating and cleaning the school.  Our walls and halls are bright and clean and our staff was integral in getting it done!

    Library/MakerspaceLibrary MakerSpace

    Our library has moved and now includes a MakerSpace! A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high-tech to no-tech tools. Students will be making use of the space during library and at other times during the week.

    Drop off and Pick up

    Our new pick up procedure is going well.  Thank you for turning off your engines and waiting until all students are loaded before moving your vehicles.  Student safety is paramount and I appreciate your efforts!

    students at the playground Family Picnic/Walkthrough

    Our start of school activities were a big success!  Students were able to get out some first day jitters and make a few new friends. Thanks to the PTA for some refreshing Icepops!

    Thank You!

    A special thank you to the Paanaanen family for donating our beautiful flag!

    Specialist Schedules

    We added a new specialist subject this year! Mr. Cowan will be teaching Science/Technology. They are having a great time problem solving.

    We are trying a new structure to our specialist schedules this year.  Students will have Art, Music and Science/Technology 3 days a week for one trimester each.  Students will still have Physical Education, Health and Library throughout the year.  This schedule will allow for more project based learning and better relationship building between our specialist teachers and our students.  So far we are seeing very positive results and I welcome your feedback as we try this new method.

    Screen Time and You tube

    We know technology can be a great tool for learning, but we are finding that students are coming in having watched videos on You Tube that may not be appropriate for them.  Students can very easily go from watching an innocent cartoon video to something very inappropriate or violent without meaning to.  Please limit your child’s access to You Tube.  There are parental controls that you can set for a safer search.  Here is a video that may help.

    60 Minutes did an interesting story on Screen Time which gives us all some things to reflect on when offering screen time to kids. 

    MCAS Results

    We are excited to announce that we increased our achievement in both ELA and Math last year on our Spring MCAS results!

    New Staff

    We are excited to welcome incredible  new staff members to our team! 

    Science/Technology: Mr. Fred Cowan
    Math Coach: Mrs. Kelly Lawrence
    Kindergarten: Mrs. Anina Sinclair
    Grade 2: Miss Kristen Corbett
    Grade 3: Mrs. Leah Servis
    Special Education: Mrs. Christine Wiley and Mrs. Marisa Fullam

    Leading Lobsters!

    This month we focused on respect.  We looked for exemplars of our quiet signal.  Whenever an adult raised their hand, it is a signal for students to also raise a hand, stop talking,  and to listen to the adult.

    Congratulations to the students below who exemplified these expectations! They received an extra Phys. Ed. class!

    student lobster leaders!    student lobster leaders!

    Coaches Corner

    Each month we will highlight what’s happening in Math, ELA and Social Emotional Learning along with some tips and information to help you engage your child at home!

    From Kathleen Giorgio:  Social, Emotional and Academic Development Coach

    Schoolwide Second Step instruction is underway! Second Step is the social skills curriculum used district wide for all children.This month, our schoolwide theme is skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, using self-talk to stay on-task, and being assertive when asking for help with a learning task. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students of these skills, which help students be successful learners.

    Second Step lessons teach skills for learning. You’ll be receiving Home Links describing why these skills are important and including fun activities to do with your child to practice them. We hope you enjoy them!

    Please tell your child’s teacher if you’d like more suggestions about supporting skills for learning at home.

    From Ellen Savage: Reading Specialist

    Families, please talk to your children.  Provide your children with rich language experiences such as talking to your children, singing with your children (nursery rhymes and kids songs are great), and reading to your children.  Have rich conversations.  Use high level vocabulary words. Talk about experiences with your children.  Research shows that children who have repeated exposure to rich language are more successful as readers.  Please help your child build a solid foundation of language to build their reading skills on.

    From Kelly Lawrence: Math Coach

    A staff meeting last week was dedicated to introducing games and activities to support the differentiated levels of our math students.  In the classroom, grade three students are finishing up working on a unit that is a review of place value as well as addition and subtraction with regrouping.  In grade two, students have been busy learning and investigating the number line and strategies for skip counting and addition.  In grade one, doubles facts in addition has been the main focus along with reinforcing strategies that help students structure to five and ten.  In kindergarten, counting and cardinality along with structuring to five and ten routines continues through mid October.  Playing games with your children at home is a great way to develop skills while having fun!

    Healthy Habits

    tips to stay healthy

    Upcoming Events

    October 4th - World Smile Day!  Please send your child in yellow if possible.  We will have an assembly highlighting ways to make someone smile!
    October 9th - Fun Run! Students will be participating in a Fun Run to raise money  for our school!  Information went home last Friday. Please send students in comfortable clothes and shoes. 
    October 9th - School Council 5-6 pm, PTA 6-7 pm
    October 11th - District PD Day - No school for students
    October 14th - Columbus Day - No School
    October 15th - Picture Day! All students will have their pictures taken.  Please look for the envelope to come home soon if you want to order pictures. 
    October 16th - Open House - BWB’s Open House is open to all parents and students.  Please arrive between 6-7 pm.  Your children will tour you through their classroom and the school, and show you all of the great work and fun activities they participate in throughout their school day at BWB.  There will be an opportunity to sign up to volunteer at the school as well!
    October 25th - Walking School Bus - Please join us at 8:00 a.m. at Sturgis Library to walk 1 mile to school.  Parents are welcome to join!


    If you do not wish to have your child photographed for school events, newsletters, or media, please let your child’s teacher know.  Thanks!

    Our whole staff is looking forward to a great year.  Thank you for your support along the way!