English Language Arts (ELA) Enrichment Resources

Language Arts Words Splash

    ELA resources available in school:

    • Bookmarks for Reading Enrichment - 4 discussion and/or writing response prompts per skill/genre 

      • character, plot, setting, audience, point of view, illustrations/layout
      • biography, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, poetry, mystery
    • Bookmarks for Advanced Concept Extension - 4 discussion and/or writing response prompts per concept 

      • courage, power, stewardship, growth and change, relationships, conflict, integrity, attitude
    • Enrichment Menus and Student Friendly Rubrics - 9 choice tasks featuring higher order thinking and multiple intelligences

      • biography, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, vocabulary, writing
    • Independent Kits for Reading Enrichment - choose from multiple kits by reading ability level featuring 8 Bloom's Taxonomy tasks and comprehension questions with answer key