Gateway Future Problem Solving

  • Special thanks to BHS student, Emme' Capra, for producing this video!

    4 female students sitting on a stairway talking  


    Future Problem Solving is our most competitive all-around academic program. 

    Students begin training in grade six, and teams of four compete in grades 7 - 12. Students must use advanced research skills, teamwork, critical and creative thinking over 17 specific categories, and follow a model to solve a futuristic problem.  For more information on FPS in grades 6-12, please contact Deb Contrino, For more information on scenario writing, please contact Christy Salley,

    Community Problem Solving is a division of Future Problem Solving and begins in grades 4 and 5 at Barnstable United Elementary School.  

    Students learn research skills, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and follow a model to solve identified problems within the community.  This division is not currently competing at the state level from Barnstable. 


    Click on the link below to find out more about Future Problem Solving.