English Language Education (ELE)

  • The English Language Education department in Barnstable teaches over 500 students. We are fortunate to have English Learners (ELs) from many different countries, speaking multiple languages. ELs are provided instruction by licensed ESL teachers. They are also provided with Sheltered English Instruction in their general education classes by licensed content teachers who are SEI endorsed. The Barnstable Public Schools are involved in an ongoing process of providing professional development to educators on how to effectively teach ELs in accordance with state and federal requirements. We also make every attempt to have bilingual professionals available for families whose native language is not English. We provide this service through our EL Parent Center, which is staffed by bilingual Parent Liaisons. If you would like to learn more about our ESL program, please contact:

    Carina Da Silva, Director of English Learners (EL)

    Barnstable High School Language Office, Room 2302
    744 West Main St, Hyannis, MA
    Office: 508-790-6445, Ext. 1753
    Cell: 774-487-1922

Family & Community Liaisons

  • Rafaela Brunelle – Portuguese District Liaison

  • Adela Blanco Román – Spanish District Liaison

  • Emma Jaurigui – Spanish District Liaison

  • Newton Jordao – Portuguese, BHS

  • Renata Jordao – Portuguese Liaison, BIS

  • Nathalia Santana – Portuguese/Spanish, BUES

  • Hayanne Silva – Portuguese Liaison, HyWest

ESL Teachers Barnstable Public Schools