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    June 8, 2018

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    On the calendar:

    June 11  Cannistraro & Ruggieri classes

                    to Cape Cod Canal

                    June Birthday Lunch

    June 12  Dunne, Frazel & Skaggs  classes

                    to Cape Cod Canal

                   Kindergarten Pirate Day

    June 14  Kindergarten Flag Day Concert


    June 15  Kindergarten Fitness Day

                   Grade 1 to Fire Station

                   Grade 2 to Heritage Plantation

    June 18  3rd Grade Celebration

    June 20  Last Day of School

                   Car pick  up at 11:45

                   Buses depart at 12:00

    August 1  Teacher placement letters mailed            

    August 29  First day of school for Grades 1-3

    August 30  First day of  school for Kindergarten  


    Please watch for information from your child’s teacher for specific events.

    Field Trip Reminder

    Field trips are a loved privilege for West VIllages students.  These are opportunities for students to engage content in new and experiential sorts of ways.  Whether regrouping numbers by keeping score at bowling, or investigating habitats, or going to a real fire station to see how our community service people do their jobs, our field trips are not fluffy, and they are designed to marry fun with learning.  To do this effectively and safely we need the help of parents.  Please remember the following in order to keep everyone safe:

    1. Please follow the directions you are provided from the classroom teacher. When we don't use the process set up, we create loop holes that could result in an unsafe situation.
    2. Make sure you have your child to school on time.
    3. Please do not leave the field trip with your child as a check out. For accountability and safety purposes, we need to make sure we get back with everyone we left with.
    4. If you are not an approved chaperone, please do not show up on your own. This practice creates a difficult situation for teachers and students alike, and it circumvents the safety protocols we have in place for chaperones.
    5. Model and support all teacher, facility, and bus

    rules.  Making unilateral decisions to go about something in a different way creates distraction and impairs the teacher's ability to maintain instruction and safety.

    We very much appreciate parents coming on field trips.  Please help us out for the learning and safety of all.

    Birthday Lunch

    Our last birthday lunch is Monday. The

    theme will be “getting older”.  Students

    may dress as the adult they would most

    like to be when they grow up.  This adult

    can be living or not, and they may choose

    not to dress up if they would like.  It is just a little bit of fun for their special lunch. 

    Spirit Week

    Next week is spirit week.  You should have received a blue paper earlier this week with details.

    Monday- Crazy Hair Day

    Tuesday- Pirate Day

    Wednesday- Career Day

    Thursday- Dress to Impress in Red, 

                     White & Blue        

    Friday - Mismatch Day

    Yay Fitness!

    As a result of our fabulous fund raising and the support of our School Committee, we will soon be installing 4 fitness stations on our playground.  This is part of how we are using the funds raised at our annual Boosterthon.

    Flag Day

    On June 14th, our school will have a Flag Day presentation.  We are fortunate to have members of the town here to celebrate with us.  This is a Kindergarten show, with special appearances from other grade levels.  Due to space and safety requirements, I can only invite Kindergarten parents.  If you have children in other grades they will get to see the show, but I will not be able to invite parents of other grade levels due to space limitations and fire code.

    Class Placement and notifications for next year

    We are working currently on placements for next year's classes.  We will continue to finalize these over the summer and will be notifying you of your child's teacher during the first week of August. Many things change over the summer and I won’t have a final placement for your child until that time.

    Please remember to send an email to with any changes to dismissal plans.



    Have a great weekend!

                                                                                                                        Mr. Gibbons   


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    Promotes academic excellence and develops independent problem solvers who will be prepared to be our future leaders.  We strive to nurture and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff, and community by providing a positive and peaceful environment of safety, responsibility and respect for all.  We are a community of learners, teachers, and volunteers devoted to compassion, empathy, social awareness and an enthusiastic love of learning and the arts.