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Digital Content: Digital Resources
that supports learning (and teaching)
Click to access theAgenda and Activities: Click here to access the agenda in PDF.
Introductory Video: Click here to access"Don't be the lid"
Digital Learning Foundation:
Beauty of a Second: Competition: Click here to access information on the website
Barnstable Public Schools Technology Vision: Click here to access the graphic.
Barnstable Public Schools District Technology Resources aligned with the MA Common Core and the 5 Elements of Learning: Click here to access the documents.

Thoughts to ponder: Students take a phone out of their pockets...they have at their fingertips, access to 2 billion teachers and the sum of human knowledge.  Hard truth; information and knowledge are everywhere. Schools used to be where students went to get that information and knowledge.  Schools need to be a place of deep inquiry.  Students are being taught, to prepare them for the future, in a system that has not fundamentally changed in 125 years.
 Alliance for Excellent Education
How does digital resources help improve student outcomes?
  • personalize learning to increase student engagement and achievement
  • provide equity and access to new learning opportunities
  • document and track student performance
  • empower collaborative learning communities
  • maximize teaching and administrative effectiveness, and
  • build student proficiency in twenty first century skills.
Article Read: A New Culture of Learning. Click here to access "About the Book". Answer these questions
What is Digital Learning: Edudemic: Click here to access a definition of Digital Learning

Guiding Principles to Digital Learning: Click here to access the resources at  Digital Learning NOW!

Resources for further investigation......on a national level for contemplation
Digital Learning Day: Click here to access the website. (This was a national event on Feb 6, 2013)
Getting Smart: Click here to access Website

US Dept of Education Blog on Digital Learning....Everyday should be Digital Learning Day!

Online Courseware and....MOOC's
 50 Top E-Learning Resources: Click here to access the website 
Please click on the link that is provided and peruse what open courseware is available for FREE.
 Coursera enroll
Coursera: Click here to access the web site.
33 top universities offering online courses to take for free.  See what course I am enrolled in!
What is a MOOC?
Educause resources: Click here to access the web site.
Watch a quick YOUTUBE
5 MOOCS teachers should take: Click here to access the web site.

 The Textbooks.........vs Interactive Textbooks
State Educational Technology Directors Association
[SETDA]: Click here to access the publication: Out of Print.....  Re-imaging the K-12 Textbook in a Digital Age 
I Books (ebubs)
NASA's two free interactive books on the telescopes/ Hubble and . Click here to read the article. Click here to access the free download on IBooks.

The Flipped or Reverse Classroom
Article Read : Click here to access, The Flipped Classroom Described - An Ideology, Not a Methodology
Read: Edu-creations: Adding value to classrooms. Click here to access the article.
More Added Value:
Click here to go to Edu-creations web site (they are hiring!) and click hereto get the free app. 

A Smattering of  Resources....a sampling of free, high quality digital curriculum.
Teachers Guide to the Library of Congress: Click here to access the website  
Unveiling of the Library of Congress Common Core resources: Click here to access the website.
New York Public Library: Click here to access the press release announcing.......The Digital Public Library of America
Biblion: Click here to browse the online collection for 1939-1940 Worlds Fair and Frankenstein
Biblion: 1939-1940 Worlds Fair. Click here to access the free ipad app.
Biblion: Frankenstien. Click here to access the free ipad app.
Hippocampus: Click here to read all about it.
Knewton: Click here to access website. ADAPTIVE learning
Virtual Field Trips: Click here to access several. Noteworthy......Smithsonian Museum. 
Ck12 for Teachers. Click here to access the website.
Ck12 for Students: Click here to access the website.
Curricki: Click here to access the website.
Connexions: Click here to access the web page.
Teachers Domain: Click here to access web page.
PBS Learning Media: Click here to access resources
WikiJunior: Click here to read about WikiJunior
Common Core Digital Resources: Click here to see the recommendations. This is a must see page!
Bookshare.org: Click here to access online libraries for accessible books and periodicals.
Feedbooks.org Free public domain books. Click her to access the website.
Free Discovery Teacher Resources: Click here to access the webpage
Kahn Academy: Click here to access the web page.
TedEd: Click here to explore.
Sophia: Click here to access the webpage
The Electric Teachers ( K -3): Click here to access the website and scroll to the educational sites.
Free Technology for Teachers: Click here to access the website.  

Organizing your Digital Content:
We are a Google School
I Tunes University
Diigo: Upgrade to an educational site....Click here to read about it.
Live Binders: Click here to read a paragraph about it and access tutorials. 


Share Your Plans for Digital Learning

  • So how will you celebrate?

    Posted by Beth Knittle at 1/7/2013
    There are many great examples of digital learning that take place at BPS everyday.  Please share with us how you plan to celebrate digital learning.
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By Month

Digital Learning Day
 February 6th 2013
Digital Learning Day is a national campaign to promote teaching and learning with digital content.  All of us at a BPS who have use technology with our students participate in Digital Learning. 
Massachusetts is taking it a step further and Celebrating Digital Learning Month and the creation of a new department the Office of Digital Learning to replace the office of Educational Technology.

Digital Learning:is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen the student learning experience.  As students have greater access to technology in schools it will change how we access, interact and share content and information.  Imagine the changes that will be need to support a 1:1 learning environment when each student has their own internet capable device with all the time.
We have included some links for you to explore as you look at digital learning.  Also please feel free to share your thoughts on how you will participate in Digital Learning Day. 
Curriki: K12 Open Curriculum Community