Updating Student Information in Aspen

Student Annual Update

  • Student Update Login

    PLEASE NOTE: If you login using your student’s information, you will not be able to access new student registration or annual update. You need to have a parent/guardian account (see the directions above)

    1. Once your account is set up, log into Aspen with your Login ID and Password:

    2. After logging into Aspen with your parent/guardian account, this is what your screen should look like. You are all set to start the Annual Update on your student(s). Click on Initiate: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Annual Update site?

  • Why is the process online, rather than pen and paper?

  • Why is this process necessary?

  • How often is this updating of information required?

  • What information is needed before beginning the process?

  • Will I have to create a user name and password?

  • Once logged in how long will updating the information take?

  • What if I do not have any changes to make, do I still have to complete it?

  • When must the process be completed by?

  • What if I do not update my child’s information by the end date?

  • What if my child recently registered, do I still have to complete this process?

  • What if I have additional questions?