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    What can I do to help my child transition to the next school year?
     Speak with your child's classroom teacher and/or special educator about activities or specific skills you can work on during the summer. They may be able to provide practice materials or specific websites/apps to use to target skills your child needs.  
    What can I do with my child over the summer?
     The library offers many programs that will keep your child active and learning. Some of the other things we recommend to keep your child's brain growing over the summer include reading with your child nightly. Keep a written/drawing journal about daily activities. Going on nature walks and scavenger hunts. Playing counting or other number games. Singing and finger plays.
    Will my child miss class time when receiving services?
     Centerville has an intervention block where the classroom teacher does not introduce new material. This is the time where most service providers try to schedule services for students. If students receive multiple services there may be some time they are pulled from the classroom, but all of the classroom teachers and service providers work together to ensure students do not miss valuable instruction. 
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Maura Shanahan

  • Grade 3 Special Education Program

Ms. Jennifer Phair

  • Intensive Learning Center Grades K and 2