Visual Arts Education

  • Visual Arts Education is a basic and fundamental part of a comprehensive education of the whole child. The Barnstable Public Schools have long supported a strong and effective visual arts program. In the visual arts, students express ideas and emotions that they cannot express in language alone.  In order for our students to understand the range and depth of the human imagination, they must have knowledge of the arts.
    The visual arts is a discipline identified in the Massachusetts common core frameworks and critical for a students education.  Through the participation in the visual arts students learn how to: problem solve, improve their individual resilience and persistence when faced with challenges, critical thinking and analysis, and understand divergent thinking and multiple solutions to problems.
    The Barnstable Public School Visual Arts faculty provide students with a diverse, varied and comprehensive experience in media, material, and art making processes with learning anchored by real world connections and application.  Students take art k-5, and may elect to take art 6-12.  At the high school students may elect specific studios in fine arts, fashion design, ceramics, cartooning and animation, graphic design, video production, and wood working.  We at Barnstable are committed to providing our students a rigorous, challenging, and enjoyable experience in the visual arts.