Title I Math Program Goals and Description

    The goal of the Title I Math program is to accelerate the learning of students who are achieving below grade level in mathematics. These students are identified for services based on Multi-criteria by the Title I math teacher.

    Math Program Delivery Methods

    The teacher works to determine students’ current understanding in mathematics. The assessments the teachers administer are utilized to inform the teachers' instruction. The Title I teachers incorporate knowledge about their students’ current understandings into their planning and teaching.

    The intervention math program use at BCIS is Number WorldsNumber Worlds is an intensive intervention program that focuses on students who are one or more grade levels behind in elementary mathematics. It provides all the tools teachers need to assess students’ abilities, individualize instruction, build foundational skills and concepts, and make learning fun. Number Worlds is a research- and standards based intervention math curriculum intended to develop student math proficiency for all students. The program incorporates the findings of several different types of research:

    • Field Tests

    • Effectiveness Studies

    • Educational Research

    • Research on How Children Learn  

    Presently Title I Math services are available for grades K-3 at BCHMCPS.

    Eligibility and Enrollment

    Children are selected for services based on multiple criteria and on greatest need. AIMSweb is a formative assessment system that provides continuous student performance data. GMADE Mathematics assessment test is also use for additional data. Discuss possible eligibility of services with the classroom teacher or title one math teacher.

    Title One Handbook: English Handbook | Spanish Handbook 
    Title 1 is a federal grant that was signed into law in 1965 and is now funded under the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2016. Barnstable Community Horace Mann Charter Public School receives Title I funds. Every summer the Title I grant is completed. Funds allocated by the state and federal government are directed to programs and services that support our students. Students who would benefit from support in math and literacy instruction are referred throughout the year. Title 1 staff work with classroom teachers and specialists.
    Families are encouraged to learn more about school programs and activities and are invited to participate in events. We hold held Family Literacy and Math Nights and new events are planned every year. We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us to find out more about the Title 1 grant.