• In October we announce our after school clubs for students to sign up. Most clubs meet on Wednesday afternoons when we have a late bus that leaves school at 4:30PM.
    BIS clubs that will offered this year include:
    Jazz Band - Introduce musicians to a variety of jazz and popular music genres. Become proficient at reading difficult jazz rhythms and develop listening skills to blend with the group as they perform together. Our Spring performances include Barnstable Jazz Night and All-Cape Jr. Jazz Workshop.
    Advisor:  Danielle Schroeter
    Marching Band  - Mondays, beginning Mid-March, prepare for a performance they must attend with the BHS Marching Band at the Memorial Day Parade in Centerville. Students will learn proper marching technique and will learn to perform a patriotic selection for the parade.
    Advisor:  Danielle Schroeter
    Rockapella - Chorus members are invited to audition for this select ensemble which performs at various functions and concerts.
    Advisor: Janice Hannah
    Chorus - Provide chorus members a greater and more challenging opportunity such as Southeast District Chorus and Junior All Cape Chorus Workshop. Prepare students to audition for competitions and participate in Festivals.
    Advisor: Janice Hannah
    Yearbook - Students design and create the yearbook, promote cover contests, work with the community to sell ads, take photos, and promote sales of the yearbook. Transportation required.
    Advisor: Caitlyn Finnemore
    Peer Leaders - Groups of students dedicated to supporting a positive and accepting school climate at BIS. Promote a healthy, supportive, and respectful environment. Educate peers about issues that impact our school climate.
    Advisors: Kelli Donehey and Meg Drude