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    Health Office - Triad Math and Science Academy 
    Barnstable Public School Health Services

    Director of Health Services 

    Alicia Bryant MSN, RN, NCSN   
    email: bryant_alicia@mybps.us
    phone: 508-790-6445, ext 1038
    The mission of the Barnstable Public Schools Nursing Department is to promote student health and wellness in a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment that fosters the academic success of the whole child.
    Every Barnstable School Health Office is staffed by at least one full time registered nurse, who is DESE licensed with either a Bachelors or Masters degree. School nursing is a specialty whose purpose is to identify and eliminate or minimize heath/medical barriers to education. District school nurses see an average of 6,000+ students each month, and conduct over 12,000 screenings each year. The goal of the Barnstable School Nurses is "to provide accessible nursing care, offer opportunities to learn healthy behaviors through education that meet the ongoing and emerging health needs of the students, and provide a safe, healthy and culturally diverse environment in which to learn so as to foster optimal education of each student in accordance with the abilities of the students."  
    Comprehensive School Health Services 
    Under the oversight of the MDPH School Health Unit, the goal of the CSHS grant is to expand our work by providing resources in order to address health dispariites and racial inequities necesssary to support student achievement and reduce chronic absenteeism. A Family and Community Engagement Center is being established to support new families coming into the district, assisting families with community resources, and establishing a volunteer program in the Barnstable Public Schools. 

    The District Wellness Advisory Council 

    This district-wide Wellness Advisory Council is an essential component of a successful, comprehensive, coordinated school health program. The council's collective knowledge, expertise,influence, and advocacy can be a powerful force on behalf of the program. As a district-wide advisory body, the council can identify health and social problems related to the community's youth, develop viable solutions, and identify key resources. The Council participates in the development, review, update, and implementation of the Local School Wellness Policy. The Wellness Council members include school administration, school nurses, teachers, members of the community, students and parents.

    To learn more about the Wellness Council or to join the council, please contact Alicia Bryant, Director of Health Services