Physical Education and Health

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    Students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 have Physical Education classes and Health classes once a week throughout the school year. In the first half of the year, Health classes focus on developing social skills through the use of Second Step. The second half of the year focuses on other health-related topics.

    Physical Education

    Dress Code: Students are required to wear sneakers for class in order to participate. Crocs, clogs, high-heeled sneakers, boots, etc are not acceptable. This is for your child’s safety as well as the other children’s safety. It is recommended children wear comfortable clothing and be dressed appropriately for outdoor classes in the fall and spring. Large earrings or other dangling jewelry should be removed before class.


    Students will receive two separate grades in both Physical Education and Health. These are for participation and conduct. Grading is as follows:

    • O = outstanding (most of the time)
    • S = satisfactory (some of the time)
    • N = needs improvement (rarely)