Special Education Evaluation Information

  • Young children develop at varying rates and many concerns parents have regarding their children are often typical for their stage of development.  If you have concerns regarding your child's development in the following areas, please call the Preschool office to share information about your concerns and/or to schedule a screening appointment:

    • Communication (Speaking or Understanding Language)
    • Cognition (Basic Knowledge, Processing Information)
    • Fine Motor Skills (Hand Skills)
    • Gross Motor Skills (Movement, Strength, Balance) 

    Children with disabilities are identified through the special education evaluation and eligibility process.  Upon completion of a screening,  our specialists may determine that your child requires a formal evaluation. If so,  the initial evaluation process will begin. For specific information regarding this process, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website and click on Special Education.  Below is a summary of the process and timeline:

    1. Screening
    2. Consent to evaluate sent to parents
    3. Evaluators set appointments to evaluate within 30 school days of receiving the signed consent 
    4. Initial eligibility meeting is held within 45 school days to review results and determine eligibility for services. If your child is found eligible for services, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be created by the team.
    5. Parent must complete and return school registration forms
    6. A draft IEP is sent to parents for review and signatures
    7. Your child can begin school once registration is complete and a signed IEP is received
    * Please note that weekends, holidays, school vacation days and school cancellation days are not included in the timeline.  This is a lengthy process.  Please be patient with us, as we typically have many children going through this process simultaneously and are unable to expedite the process for individual families.
    Children who do qualify for services may enter the program on or after their third birthday.   Transportation can also be provided to and from school at no cost in order to ensure each child receives the services he or she needs.  Pick up and drop off locations can vary; however, our buses can only travel within the Barnstable district.