Welcome to Technology at Hyannis West!

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    At Hyannis West we joined students all over the world in the Hour of Code event. We are continuing to explore code and code writing...debugging (finding and fixing errors in code) has been an exciting challenge.
    For more information please visit code.org.
    Effective keyboarding skills are vital these days and students at all grade levels are working on these skills. We will also be practicing word processing, another skill so important for communication. The rules of word processing are similar to the rules used when using a paper and pencil...Upper case at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation at the end, space between words and after punctuation, and  correct spelling of words, to name a few.
    Every student received a letter from me with their Typing Pal username and password. Typing Pal is an online keyboarding program the Tech Department of the Barnstable Public Schools has purchased for the students of Barnstable to improve their keyboarding skills. Using the link at the bottom of the page you can log on anytime or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Typing Pal now works on iPads as well. Look for their App in the App Store.

Educational Websites

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