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  • There are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of medical jobs. Healthcare is the largest industry, showing the highest amount of growth of any other field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For the foreseeable future, healthcare is going to be a great profession for career stability. The BLS projects that jobs in the healthcare field will grow by more than 20 percent from 2008 through 2018, twice the pace for overall U.S. job growth.
    The Healthcare Pathway culminates in a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) Program and an on-line medical terminology class. The C.N.A. course familiarizes students with the basics of the human body and its functions, as well as lays the groundwork for caring for patients of all ages and genders. Students receive training in assisting patients with caring for their basic needs. Since the C.N.A, have daily contact with the patient they are key to providing vital information about the patient to their supervisor. This opportunity provides direct contact with patients, and allows students to meet with and talk with people who work in the array of jobs that are in the medical field. Students are prepared to take the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Certification test upon completion of the training.
    Medical Terminology is a one semester course that helps students understand the Greek and Latin based language of medicine and healthcare. Emphasis is placed on the word roots, suffixes, prefixes, and terms associated with the human body. Using the on-line class provides a plethora of challenging ways to learn this somewhat dry material in a active and self-paced fashion
    Strand ClassesGrade
    HealthcareHuman Anatomy & Physiology
    (offered as CP2 and Honors level)


     Medical Terminology /
    Nurse Aide Training Program



Early Education and Childcare

  • This strand is designed for the student interested in teaching, child care, and supportive careers in those industries. Students have great opportunities to work with young children in our on-site daycare facility and in off site placements. Students completing this pathway are eligible to apply for the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care Teacher Certification.

    Early Education & CareChild Development I10-12

    Child Development II11-12

    Child Development III12

    Career Pathways Internship12

Food Service and Hospitality

  • Food service jobs offer extensive opportunities for today's job seeker. In fact, food service careers are considered a growth industry even in a down economy. Whether you're interested in consulting, management and sales or front line food service employment, you will always be able to find a number of food service jobs, especially here on Cape Cod. Open food service positions often include opportunities in management and sales as well as roles for food service workers. Entry-level food service industry jobs are plentiful. Most entry-level jobs in food service require minimal training, making them ideal for professionals just beginning their careers. Food service management and director positions may require formal training, such as a culinary or hospitality management degree, years of experience in the food service industry, or a combination of both. Currently, 90 percent of employees in the industry work in food preparation and serving-related food service jobs. Upon completion of the Food Service Pathway you have the ability to take the Massachusetts food handling certificate - Serv Safe, as well as achieve certification by the National and Massachusetts Restaurant Association thru their ProStart progam.
     Strand Classes Grade
    Culinary ArtsFood Service Professional
    (offered as CP2 and Honors)

    (offered as CP2 and Honors)
     Career Pathways Internship

Additional Pathways Offered

  • Environmental Science & Technology
    • Ecology
    • Coastal Studies
    • Career Pathways Internship
     Fashion Technology
    • Fashion Design I
    • Fashion Design II
    • Fashion Design III
    Graphic Communications
    • Graphic Design I
    • Graphic Design II
    • Graphic Design III
    • Career Pathways Internship
    Television & Radio Broadcasting
    • Multi Media Technology
    • Broadcasting & Media Studies I
    • Broadcasting & Media Studies II
    • Broadcasting Technical Assistant
    • Career Pathways Internship