• Welcome to the Barnstable United Elementary Music Department page!

    The school year has gotten off to a great start - both 4th and 5th grade started with a review of note names or musical alphabet. We used silly sentences to help remember the notes that sit on the 5 lines of the staff. Ask your son or daughter to share one with you. Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge is a classic but several students made up their own; Every Good Ballerina Does Flips!
    The fall is a great time for our music students to study and learn about all kinds of Composers. Students are allowed to work in groups, pairs, or be a solo act when discovering interesting facts about their composer. They also search for when the composers were alive and some of the famous songs they wrote. 
    If your son or daughter has a recorder from third grade have them bring it in to music class. We plan to continue learning new notes and songs.  

    Music Department Staff

    Caroline Buccino - Music Teacher

    Alison Heleen - Band/Music Teacher

    Laura Gill - Music Department Head & Chorus Teacher

    Valerie Bahr - Orchestra/Strings Teacher

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