BPS Virtual Registration

  • Due to school closure because of COVID-19, we will be hosting our registration meeting virtually on Zoom. 

    Enrollment in the Barnstable Public School District requires residency within the town of Barnstable. Pre-Registration begins with an online application and must be completed only by those parents/guardians who meet the residency requirements.

    NOTE: Pre-Registration does not indicate enrollment in the District. For Spanish or Portuguese assistance, please choose the hour appointments 


    1. Please complete the pre-registration online.

    2. During the pre-registration process, add your cell phone number to the required to receive a link. This link will allow you to upload the required documentation by using your cell phone.

    3. At the end of your pre-registration process, you must make an appointment with the Family and Community Engagement Center (FCEC), using the online scheduler. 
      • Once you have finished with pre-registration, you will receive a link on your cell phone. Click on the link provided to upload all required documentation.
        • Directions for using your cell phone mobile capture.pdf 
          If you are having problems uploading the documents via mobile capture while using your iPhone, please follow these prompts:
          Go to Settings>Camera>Formats>change it to "Most Compatible"  It will default to 'High Efficiency' by default which will save it as JPEG format.
        • All required documents 
        • Once you have made your appointment, please email bpsengagementcenter@mybps.us with your child’s first and last name to receive a link to the virtual meeting in Zoom
      • You will receive an email reply which will contain your Meeting ID and password. You will need this Meeting ID to log in to the meeting.
      • On the day of the meeting, you will need to visit Zoom to join.
      • This can be done via laptop or cell phone (app must be downloaded).
      • Click join a meeting at the top right and enter your meeting ID 
      • Once you’ve joined the meeting, you will be directed to wait in the virtual waiting room, until your host joins. We ask you to be there at least 5 minutes before, to allow time for any technical difficulties.

    4. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so 24hrs before your appointment by going into your pre-registration account, and using the online scheduler to reschedule it.

    5. In case you cannot upload the documentation or use ZOOM, please email bpsengagementcenter@mybps.us the day before your meeting and we will get in touch with you between the hours of 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm via telephone with specific instructions.