• Anthony Clemente “Mr. C”
    Health & Physical Education Teacher

    BCIS Physical Education Department

    The physical education curriculum at BCIS is meant to inspire and empower all students to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle by providing them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and the confidence necessary to be healthy and active for a lifetime. Quality, skills-based physical education provides a foundation for all students to become confident movers, regardless of their abilities. Through developmentally appropriate and engaging learning experiences, quality physical education emphasizes the development of motor-skills, fitness, the effects of physical activity on overall health, wellness, and academic performance, and the variety of ways to be physically active for a lifetime.

    Grading is based primarily on effort. In addition, there are 4 class-norms that are designed to allow each and every student to have the most meaningful learning experiences possible, and may influence grades: 

    Be Prepared: Wear sneakers, and make sure they are tied!


    Play Safe: Keep your hands and bodies to yourselves, listen, and follow directions!   


    Respect Each Other: Be polite, use good sportsmanship, and work together!

    Try Your BEST & Have FUN: Give your best effort, and everyone will have fun and succeed!