Student Support Department

  • The Student Support Department at Barnstable High School promotes and assists academic, social, emotional, and career development for all students. Working in partnership, the Student Support Department serves students in collaboration with parents, teachers, staff, and the community through a collaborative, whole-child, community approach. All members of this department facilitate the development of all students to achieve personal excellence and promote 21st-century learning expectations and rigorous performance standards to ensure that all students graduate career and college ready.

    The Student Support Department Consists of the following:

    • Associate Principals ensures that each student’s social, emotional, and learning needs are met through a collaborative, whole-child, community approach by working closely with school and district personnel in the development of a student’s social, emotional, academic, and career needs.
    • Deans of Students work closely with school personnel and students to build and maintain a positive, respectful, and safe school climate.
    • School Counselors work closely with all students on their caseload and follow the Massachusetts Model for Comprehensive School Counseling, as described below.
    • School Adjustment Counselors work closely with the Dean of students and school counselors in meeting the personal/social needs of students and work with families to help secure services.
    • School Psychologists work with students with diverse educational needs and assess students for consideration of special education services.
    • Career Counselor works with students, develops programs, and collaborates with staff and community members to help ensure all students are college and career ready.