World Languages: Welcome

    Welcome to World Languages
    The World Language Department is committed to the belief that growth is a lifelong mission that requires effective effort.  Our goal is to provide an educational environment where students will develop skills that will support and encourage that growth by teaching students how to think and read critically, to write and speak clearly, to listen actively, and to exhibit local and global responsibility.  Our approach to language learning is proficiency based, with the objective of preparing students for life long learning and to give them the tools they will need to meet with success in all of their endeavors, not just their study of their elected language. 
    How to make your studying pay off:
    One of the basic principles of time management is to work smarter not harder...think about the following:
    • Do you have a clear work space free of interruptions/distractions?
    • Do you have trouble finding papers and other school related material in your backpack?
    • Do you frequently feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do and procrastinate until the last minute?
    This might help:
    • Use an the Redbook
    • Write down daily do lists work
    • Set priorities....1-10 in order of importance
    • Break up big projects into manageable pieces
    • Plan your time- allow time for the things you must get done
    • Make a log of how you REALLY spend your time
    • Reward yourself....when your work is done
    What to expect in World Language:
    The best way to learn a second language is in an authentic way, that means use of the target language almost exclusively in the classroom. This might seem a bit daunting at first but it is a proven way in which to help students become proficient in a second language. The more you hear and speak the more you will be able to hear, understand and speak.  It is very much like music, the more you hear a song the quicker you learn the lyrics. 
    Your active involvement is critical to success.  As a student it is imperative that you be an active part of the learning and teaching happening in the class room.  Contribute, ask questions and focus on the objectives of the class, if they are not clear to you be sure to ask for help- quickly.  The activities in your classroom should be a partnership between you and your teacher.
     Mrs. Lytle, Department Head, World Languages
    Eifel Tower             FRANCAIS
                Madame Poupart 
                Monsieur Pierre 
      Ms. Miklosky
      Ms. Ye      


    great wall
           Ms. Wu 


          Ms. Gowell                        Ms. Romig
          Mr. Hansen                       Ms. Semanscin

          Mr. Hernandez                 Mr. Small

          Mrs. Lytle

          Ms. Nelson


                 AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE asl manual alphabet
                  Ms. Toulan