Music Department

  • Welcome to the Barnstable High School music department. The primary goal and focus of the BHS music department is to develop the life-long skills necessary to become active and informed advocates for the arts. Instrumental and choral classes are geared toward the development of the student’s individual and ensemble skills through the rehearsal and performance of appropriate musical literature. Likewise, our music electives offer students the opportunity to enhance their musical knowledge and listening skills.
    The music program provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a career in music and/or enhance their understanding of music through the study of theory, technology, history, and performance. Students will learn to work collaboratively, solve complex problems, improve listening skills and enhance fine motor skills. Additionally, research shows that the study of music improves spatial-temporal skills. These skills are an essential component to solving multi-step problems in math, art, engineering, architecture, gaming, and computer programming.
    The music program at Barnstable High School is aligned with current state and national arts standards. The curriculum also addresses the BHS Learning Expectations, focusing on demonstrating creativity, listening actively, and attaining, evaluating, and applying information properly. All music classes are open to students with a variety of musical backgrounds and skill sets. Incoming 8th graders and 9th graders who play an instrument or sing are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the large performing ensemble classes. These ensembles are Concert Band, Orchestra, and Concert Chorus. Students must be in one of these three performing ensembles in order to participate in a corresponding after school ensemble. This requirement ensures that students seeking participation in after school ensembles are receiving the necessary instruction to succeed. There are no fees for any music class at the high school. Students are able to take any music class and still participate fully in athletics, clubs, or other activities. 

    Music Department Staff Directory

    Note: Courses in the Music Department do not satisfy NCAA eligibility requirements

    In-School Ensembles

    • Band - Grades 8-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Concert Chorale - Grades 8-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Chamber Choir - Grades 10-12 (Honors)
    • String Orchestra - Grades 8-12 (College Prep and Honors)

    General Music Classes

    • Grade 8 Guitar
    • Guitar I - Grades 9-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Guitar II - Grades 9-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Piano - Grades 9-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Grade 8 Music Technology
    • Music Technology I - Grades 9-12 (College Prep and Honors)
    • Music Technology II - Grades 10-12 (Honors)
    • Hip Hop: Influences and Trends - Grades 10-12 (College Prep and Honors)

    After-School Performing Ensembles

    These programs will not incur credit: 

    • Marching Band
    • Jazz Band
    • Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Audition Only)
    • Color Guard