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    Barnstable High School’s English Department provides course offerings that will encourage our students to be critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners. Together, thinking, reading, composition and oral communication skills will enable students to become full participants in an evolving, multi-cultural, technological world. We are committed to our students’ discovery of reading as an insight into the human condition and as a pleasurable experience. The courses provide our students with a comprehensive approach to skills building and application.

    In compliance with the Massachusetts State Curriculum, the ELA curriculum meets the state’s 8–12 frameworks. The MCAS test is given in grades 8 and 10. Those who score below proficient will be placed in courses that will move them towards proficiency in order to graduate. The recommended program of studies according to Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education includes four “units” of English. 

    Kaitlyn Chamness-O'Connor
    ELA Curriculum Coordinator