Principal's Office: Patrick Clark

  • The Principal of Barnstable High School is supported by an effective leadership team of Housemasters and an Assistant Principal who oversee the instructional quality and healthy climate at Barnstable High School.

    The school operational structure exists of five houses that serve to personalize the school experience. Students form strong relationships with Housemasters, School Counselors, and Administrative Assistants during their five years at Barnstable High School.

    As Barnstable High graduates, Principal Clark and Assistant Principal Scott Pyy are excited to give back to the community that shaped their formative years.


    Pat Clark    Pyy

    Principal, Patrick Clark        Asst. Principal, Scott Pyy

    Barnstable High School Housemasters
     Donehey new  Melisa Collins, Housemaster Eric Currey, Housemaster
     Robert Donehey                Melisa Collins                      Eric Currey
     Steve Kaser, Housemaster Alik Taylor Hope Taylor, Housemaster
    Steve Kaser                     Alik Taylor                  Hope Taylor