• Mission Statement 

    The Office of Teaching and Learning provides leadership, support, and guidance to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for success throughout their Barnstable Public School experience and beyond. We are committed to:

    • developing and implementing a rigorous, relevant, and equitable curriculum, 
    • fostering an environment that promotes academic excellence, social-emotional learning, and equity for all students, 
    • empowering educators with the tools and resources they need to create engaging and challenging learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of our students, and
    • creating the conditions for continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration with and among our staff  

    Description of Services

    The Office of Teaching and Learning serves PK–12 students and staff. The department is led by the Assistant Superintendent and supported by the Directors of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Coordinators, Department Heads, Grants and Compliance Manager, and the Data and Accountability Analyst. The key functions of the department include but are not limited to:

    • Development, implementation, and alignment of curriculum PK–12
    • Comprehensive assessment program and data review
    • Professional development for educators and staff
    • Instructional leadership support and associated professional development
    • Grants and grant-funded programming
    • High-quality tiered instruction
    • Educator evaluation support
    • Mentoring and induction

    Recent Accomplishments

    • Ongoing PD with administrators to calibrate observations and feedback to licensed educators that support effective instructional practices.
    • Ongoing inventory and review of PK–12 curriculum documents 
    • Regular data meetings with building leaders to review and response to local assessment data
    • New Educator Orientation program and ongoing support of 60+ new educators through a comprehensive mentoring program 

    Fiscal Year 2024 Goals and Objectives

    • Complete curriculum mapping alignment PK–12
    • Development of a professional development plan that supports staff in acquiring PDPs needed for licensure along with extended professional development coursework aligned with key district focus areas
    • Development of a comprehensive curriculum review cycle
    • Engage in review of K–5 Literacy program review through the GLEAM grant